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In today's world, where just about everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances in technology across almost all sectors.

TECHOEVOLUTION” is based on new technology, software, apps (Smartphone, Window phone, Mac,Blackberry) and PC’s software.
Our aims are to provide the more and more free software and more 
technology which have to pay by us.

It may seem as though it's a misnomer to even mention any disadvantages of technological advances. However, despite how far technology has taken humans and no matter how convenient it may make things, there are some disadvantages accompanying this level of access.

Technology has affected society and its surroundings in a number of ways. In many societies, technology has helped develop more advanced technology (including PC, Smartphone, Window phone, Blackberry) and has allowed the rise of the various ways to find new application.

The technology world has been growing and flourishing the interest in designing technologies that mediate and create a feeling of relatedness within interpersonal relationships beyond the explicit verbal communication.

To accomplish this, we conducted a recursive open-coding analysis on an already existing data set.

Findings indicated the advantages of technology in relationships include the contribution to the development of relationship enhancement technology.